The sky is lit with countless lamps
Souls, bathed in light, shine bright
On the Ganga ghats and its ramps
The water breathes the eternal light

With multitudes, the Ganga flows
And the panorama weaves a night
Slowly, the evening bloom grows
Getting younger, holding us tight

It’s the day when Gods descend
And we all pray in aesthetic accent
Practising initially on a silent note
To go spirited then on a singing rote

It's always an experience of lifetime
With glowing diyas and their rhyme
Come and be there in Shiva’s Varanasi
Don't worry
Gods lead us on the Ghats of Kashi

It’s again that annual Dev Diwali night
Infusing in us a transcending delight
As the water and air get heavenly
And as the identities are lit blissfully

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