A child can make a toy out of anything. Be it the leftovers from the garbage dump or highly sophisticated gazettes that cost a fortune, the attention is immaculate.

Anywhere can be the playground of a child – a leveller, free of class discrimination.

These photographs are artistic expression of collective effort of a group of one of the most marginalized social formations - children of sex workers.

Taken at Gudia centre for sex workers’ children at the red-light area (still) of Shivdaspur locality in Varanasi, these photographs convey this feeling. Untrained children here have created model of a water theme park from waste material after their visit to the water park on the outskirts of the city.  

And the seniors at the Gudia centre say the model is a matching model replica of the water park capturing elements in detail. Such a good work in only possible when it is done with pure joy at heart.

Gudia is a not-for-profit working against human trafficking for forced prostitution. 

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