Banaras or Kashi is a unique spiritual light where life and death, both are seen in their full fervour. Banaras’s spiritual heritage is built on the Trinity of ‘Shiva, Ganga and Death’. Banaras’ existential legacy is sustained by the joy of living the life fully with all its elements. The spiritual heritage and the existential legacy of the city complement each-other and that, in turn, sustains Banaras.

Banaras is both, सुखदा (Sukhada) and मोक्षदा (Mokshada), a place that gives happiness and the joy of living as well as the salvation in death, as defined in the literary works.

Banaras is for Life Vs Death.

Banaras is for Life to Death.

Banaras is for Death to Life.

Banaras is for Life irrespective of Death.

Banaras is for Death irrespective of Life.

Banaras is for Life complementing Life.

Banaras is for Life complementing Death.

Banaras is for Death complementing Life.

Banaras is for Life completing Death.

Banaras is for Death completing Life.

Banaras is for Life liberating Death.

Banaras is for Death liberating Life.

Banaras is for Life following Death.

Banaras is for Death following Life.

Banaras is where Life teaches how to look at Death.

Banaras is where Death tells how to look at Life. 

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